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Do you want to have your beauty treatments but don’t want to part with big sums of money?

you can nominate a small amount to be paid onto your account, weekly, fortnightly or monthly. So you can save up for your treatments without breaking the bank.


” Julie pays $15 per week into her beauty account so when she wants to book in for a treatment there is always money there for her when she needs it”


“Shelly pays $62.50 per week so she can access our entry level facial package so when she comes in for her fortnightly treatment there is nothing to pay”


We can customise a treatment plan just for you and then work out how often and how much you want to pay.

The payments are via direct debit so no mountains paper work to fill out and no credit checks.

Interest free payments all you need to do is fill out a direct debit form.

All you do is nominate an amount, payment frequency and a small deposit and you can start straight away.

Ask one of our beauty team to start this for you straight away and enjoy the ease and flexibility of BeautyPay.