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Do you want to have your beauty treatments but don’t want to part with big sums of money?

you can nominate a small amount to be paid onto your account, weekly, fortnightly or monthly. So you can save up for your treatments without breaking the bank.


” Julie pays $15 per week into her beauty account so when she wants to book in for a treatment there is always money there for her when she needs it”


“Shelly pays $62.50 per week so she can access our entry level facial package so when she comes in for her fortnightly treatment there is nothing to pay”


We can customise a treatment plan just for you and then work out how often and how much you want to pay.

The payments are via direct debit so no mountains paper work to fill out and no credit checks.

Interest free payments all you need to do is fill out a direct debit form.

All you do is nominate an amount, payment frequency and a small deposit and you can start straight away.

Ask one of our beauty team to start this for you straight away and enjoy the ease and flexibility of BeautyPay.



At Envy we try an educate our clients about skin health, skin confidence and skin youth. We as skin therapists now a lot about the skin and about skin conditions.

We spend years and thousands of dollars on education so we can help people gain the skin they want and deserve.

How ever we only get to spend a few hours a month with you – targeting your needs, performing your treatments and educating you on your products.

When you have skin concerns and you come to us for help we need you to know this is a journey and we are your “personal trainer” for your skin. Dedication and consistancey is what will get you results.

By following a regular program your skin will improve quicker, using home care products daily will enhance and maintain results from in salon treatments.

So as skin therapists with masses of knowledge and using active products and cutting edge treatments we can and do get results but we get the best results when we put clients on a program.

A program and homecare is the ONLY way to achieve great skin AND maintain it.

A facial once a month is NOT going to change or improve the skin it will only maintain the skins present condition.

A good cleanser or moisturizer is NOT going to change or improve the skin by themselves ………BUT combining the knowledge of a skin specialist a comprehensive skin diagnosis with a planned skin program and the prescribed home care you WILL achieve results.

So I have but together 3 levels of skin programs which includes all the above all tailored for specific skin concerns.


Entry Level – if you are new to professional active skin care and treatments and are unsure of the “skin world” this is a great place to start. An introduction to active skin products that will calm, hydrate and cleanse the skin whilst improving its overall health. After this course you can then introduce more active products and treatments to reverse conditions like aging, pigmentation and acne.


Advanced Level – so you have experienced high grade products before and had a few facials but now you want to step it up and see a change in your skin. You have mild skin conditions or you just want to maintain the skin you have. This program is the level for you. You also get to experience the amazing and skin changing DERMAPEN treatment. This treatment over a course of 4- 8 treatments successfully treats ageing skin, vertical lip lines, Hyperpigmentation, enlarged/dilated pores, stretch marks, scaring , acne and much more.


Ultimate Level – the best for the best – 6 months of high grade professional treatments to get the ultimate results. Every 2 weeks your specialist will perform customised treatments specifically for you and your concern. Incorporating the DERMAPEN treatment you will be amazed by the results and your skin will have never looked better.


As you can now understand using a program of skin therapist knowledge, active cosmedical grade products and high end treatments is the ONLY way to achieve skin results. We have made these programs even more easy and accessible by braking down the cost into weekly payments using BEAUTYpay so you not only get results but your purse stays healthy too.

Daily use of sun blockmoisturizermakeup and dead skin can build up in the skin pores and clog the skin. If the skin was completely flat it would be enough just to scrub it… but it’s not!

The skin is not flat!

skin poreBlackheadspimples and cysts are all caused from build-up in the pores.

The skin has pores and follicles that need to be deeply cleaned, professionally. Pores and follicles need to be cleaned and washed on the inside, this prevents breakouts.

Hydrabrasion is a microdermabrasion system that exfoliates with both a dry and a wet system. The skin is deeply exfoliated with diamonds while simultaneously vacuuming and washing it. It’s a lot like getting your carpets professionally cleaned. This treatment is a soothing, refreshing and deeply cleaning.

Hydrabrasion makes aggressive microdermabrasion treatments a thing of the past!


The technology is a very gentle treatment, that doesn’t hurt. You probably could take a nap while the treatment is being done. Very different to getting your teeth cleaned!

Your skin will be cleansed, then a small diamond tip that is attached to a mild vacuum cleaner is worked over your skin to exfoliate it and to remove dead skin. Once the blockages are cleared from the pores and follicles, a deeper clean can be achieved. This is when we wash it to clean out the build-up.

We guarantee the cleanest skin ever!


The treatment only takes about 30 minutes, but long enough to wash out every pore. Once the diamond tip is finished, you will have a second treatment with a water system, this will wash out the pores and follicles to ensure the best skin wash ever.


The Hydrabrasion treatment costs around $120– $150 per treatment.


Maintenance is achieved by cleaning your skin twice a day, exfoliating at least once a week, and continuing this treatment a minimum of once a month. The moment you get sight of a blind pimple, blackheads or a nasty pimple about to break through, it’s a sign you need another treatment!

Enjoy your treatment!