Should I bother using Skin care???



With so much information out there constantly telling us about the new fabulous ingredient, that people who are better looking get paid more and if you don’t use this your skin will age 100 years…. we are bound to get confused and irritated.

  • Is it all just a marketing ploy to get our hard earned money?
  • How can a cream make me look younger?
  • Doesn’t the skin look after it self and so on.

The truth is simple……

  • Yes there are people and companies out there that are just after your money – promising the world and delivering nothing.
  •  No as singular skin cream won’t necessarily make your skin look younger by its self.
  •  Yes a healthy skin can look after itself to some degree.
  • Everyone skin needs a helping hand to combat your skin concerns BUT a qualified skin specialists is the best bet at receiving the correct advice and offer you the right solution.



Why? Because these people spend years educating themselves on how the skin works and how to use certain ingredients to tackle skin concerns.

They invest thousands of dollars on education so they can offer the best advice. The spend thousands of hours learning and practicing techniques to make their clients receive results and most importantly they are passionate about skin.

It is in the specialists best interest to use products that work. So they use and endorse treatments and machines and skincare that costs $$$$$$ and by following their advice their clients not only get results they get long term and fast results.

They are not in the industry to primarily make a buck their passion and focus is on RESULTS FOR YOU.

So when you have bought from a supermarket or department store or one of the mum’s at school who have just become involved in the new skin care fad ask yourself –

“what knowledge and expertise do they have?”

“Does the cost of these products equal the level of passion and education these people have who are selling to me?”

Because if a product can promise results the ingredients HAVE to be ACTIVE and POTENT  and only fully qualified skin specialists, Doctors, Dermatologists and Dermal therapists can acquire and administer these products and ingredients.

EXAMPLE – You have a open wound on your leg that is painful and bleeding and looks infected and inflamed.

You want results – you want the pain to go and go quickly, you want to make sure the infection doesn’t spread

You have a few options of treatment:

Over the counter analgesic (panadol)  – available everywhere anyone can purchase and its relatively cheap it works on mild pain and most people can tolerate it. (overdosing on it can cause serious health problems)

Results  –  following the directions you can take up to 2 tablets every four hours as long as you don’t have any contraindications.

The pain is reduced by about ¼ however after a day or two your leg is still sore and the infection has spread and is oozing

Anti inflammatory  – you now have to go to a pharmacist to get anti inflammotorys and speak to a pharmacist. This medication will reduce inflammation and pain however the side effects are more intesnse than the above so you have to get advice from an expert in this type of medication because even though its more effect it carries more risk.

Results – the pain reduces by half and the inflammation reduces but 2 days later the wound hasn’t healed and the infection has spread

Anti biotics – only available by prescription by a qualified doctor. Need to make an appointment and speak to a Doctor who understands your problem and will take into consideration you health history and then prescribe an antibiotic which will takle the infection and also prescribes a short course of anti inflammatories

Result – out come the cost is more. The treatment received allows the swelling inflammation and infection to start reducing within 24 hrs. Your pain is immediately reduced .

Moral – If you have serious skin concerns you need to contact a serious skin therapist that can offer the correct products/ingredients at the correct potency to treat your skin condition.

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