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Why Activate and Accelerate as a facial treatment?


The year-end holidays are fabulous and you deserve to indulge in festive partying and frequent feasting. But the celebration usually means late nights, less exercise, and not nearly enough time to just rest, relax and take care of yourself.

That’s why we’re offering the ideal holiday hangover cure for your skin. “Activate and Accelerate” is a cooling, calming, stress-relieving and effectively exfoliating deep-infusion vitamin treatment that leaves your skin with a youthful glow. PLUS using Holistic techniques and Miss Vitality Clean tea to start your treatment we are working on your gut health to strengthen your skin health.


Look and Feel Younger in 2019


Are you trying to motivate yourself to keep some New Year’s health and wellness resolutions? What better way that to kick off 2019 with a combined luxury/results treatment that will make you feel and look refreshed, reinvigorated, and energetically radiant?


Limited Edition “Activate and Accelerate” 60-minute treatment makes this special offering a great way to look after yourself inside and out.


Health and Beauty Benefits


Activate and Accelerate uses an innovative alginate mask for a totally natural beauty treatment that delivers fast, visually impressive results by erasing fine wrinkles and firming the skin while increasing its supple elasticity.


Here’s your treatment sequence…

After a welcoming Miss Vitality CLEAN TEA infused with peppermint, Barberry, Lemongrass,Rosehips  and other gut healing herbs herbs, your treatment will start with a deep cleanse, followed by a light microdermabrasion or enzyme exfoliation (depending on your skin) to create effective pathways for an oncoming products to penetrate deeper into the skin and work their best.

Then your face, eyes and neck will experience the extraordinary detoxifying effects of a lymphatic drainage massage.

You’ll also enjoy a relaxation massage to the upper back and décolleté. A vitamin-rich serum will be applied,followed by the amazing Alginate mask.

As long as you’re not too claustrophobic, the application will extend to your eyes and lips, providing each with their own treatment.

Whilst your mask is on, enjoy a massage to both your hands and arms and then….enjoy once again, ANOTHER upper back and décolleté massage!

This treatment is not only results-driven but it’s relaxation driven.

Start off the year saving money, too, because this valuable 60-minute treatment is only $99, although valued at so much more.

Not only that, but receive another $10 off for each of your subsequent treatments in March, for a total savings of $60 if you have one a week – the ultimate skin workout.

The 1st treatment is $99. But the 2nd one is $89, the 3rd is $79, and the 4th is only $69!

Are you looking for that perfect gift for someone who means a lot to you? Or are you after some serious pampering for yourself. Look no further these treatments are packaged so that each treatment compliments the other and leaves you feeling amazing after each visit. We also have a couple’s room so these treatments can be provided for you and a friend, sister partner or anyone you like.

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